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BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Stage and screen star Victor Garber tells host Robin Milling he learned how to throw a punch from his Alias co-star Jennifer Garner. Now he’s showing off his chops in the film Entitled, decking Ray Liotta.

The mighty mighty Temptations grace the air waves of The Love Zone USA. Listen to their unique history and their path to becoming legends. Also hear some of your favorite cuts from The Temptations and music from their newest project.

Ceddy J welcomes Alisa Reyes, Actress of 90’s Nickelodeon Show “All That” and Voice of LaCienega on “The Proud Family” to discuss her new projects. Alisa Reyes can be seen on TeenNick with their #90sAreAllThat Block.

Douglas Karr welcomes Ranjith Kumaran, co-founder of YouSendIt, to discuss his new project entitled, Punchtab. Punchtab is a self-service loyalty program that has just launched but has quickly grown to over 1600 customers.

Mitchell Butler, former NBA guard with the Washington Bullets/Wizards, Portland Trailblazers, and Cleveland Cavaliers, drops by The War Room to discuss his transition from NBA player to professional sports agent.

George Carlin 1937 – 2008

George Carlin

I learned my best curse words from two people, my father and George Carlin. As a student, we passed around Carlin’s list of “7 Words You Can’t Say on Television” and added a few of our own. He pretty much covered the bases though.

Sadly, George Carlin passed away yesterday at the age of 71. Considered a counter culture hero, Carlin’s influence is apparent in many of today’s popular comedians. I took a look around our archives to see what I could find on this comedic legend. It seems many of our hosts have tributes planned.

  • JimmyCart will remember Carlin today, and looks with fondness upon his “Differences Between Football and Baseball” and “Hippy Dippy Weatherman” sketch this evening at 10:00 p.m.
  • Paranormal 101 will reflect on the legend that is George Carlin today at 10:00 p.m. EST.
  • JKGuy16 Will take a few minutes today to remember George Carlin at 4:00 pm  EST.

And our archives:

  • In a show dated June 4, 2008 on V-Radio: Is our republic the path to Liberty? What does Murray Sabrin’s loss prove? George Carlin’s take is always interesting but never for young ears.


If you miss a particular show or if one overlaps with another, don’t forget they’re all archived and you can check back later to hear what you missed. I’ll update this post if we learn of more tribute or find shows we missed.